The Islamic Endtime Beast

The Mark Of The Beast: 666 is the name of Allah - Click on the video to the left for an in depth presentation.

When the Anti-Christ comes to earth, he will make everyone submit to him and take his mark on their foreheads and right hands this is known in scripture as the mark of the beast. Without this mark you will not be able to buy or sell, and you would even be killed. Aluhym (God) gave the Prophet John visions about the end time beast and the times of the Anti-Christ and he recorded what he saw in the Bible. He also drew what he saw but he did not understand what language the mark was in, so he translated it in Greek as he received the visions from Aluhym (God) in the Greek island of Patmos and that was the language that everyone there spoke. He wrote the Greek word for 666 in the Codex Vaticanus (AD 350). The symbol that John drew describing 666 and the mark that the Anti-Christ will make everyone have on their foreheads and hands is EXTREMELY similar to the Arabic word for Allah. This is shocking, but it really shouldn't be as Allah is Satan himself and the AntiChrist will be the Imam Mahdi, the Islamic messiah.