What happens when you die? Is there Life after Death?

  • What really happens at death? 
  • Why do we even have to die? 
  • Can we actually know whether there is life beyond the grave? 
  • Where can we go for meaningful, believable answers? 

Only the Creator of life can reveal its purpose and the state of the dead. By looking into the Word of Aluhym (God) for answers to our questions, we can learn a great deal about both life and death. This booklet will take a look at what Yahuah (God), our Creator, says about life and death in His inspired Word, the Bible. You may be both surprised and challenged as you discover the truth about what happens after death! 


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• What happens when you die? 

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In this video: Learn the Answers to these questions & more! 

Death| Its Mysteries Unraveled...from the Bible  

Death: Many have questions about 

  • What happens when you die? 
  • Is there an afterlife? 
  • What's the state of the dead? 
  • Is the soul immortal? 
  • Is the thief on the cross in Heaven? 
  • Who are the dead in Christ? 
  • Does the soul go to Heaven? 

The Bible gives us answers, comfort, & hope about Death. 

Talking to the Dead  

• Is there consciousness after death? 

• Can the dead see us? ...and hear us? 

• Can the dead communicate with us? 

• Does the soul truly die with the body? 

• Séances, trances, Ouija boards & mediums 

• Demons, devils, & fallen angels  

In this video: The Bible Truth about talking to the dead!